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5 Traits Of Quality Project Managers

If your business is looking to hire project managers, you need to hire high-quality employees. The things that they do are going to impact more than their own production. They are going to be in charge of many other employees. Having a poor manager can mean that you get low production levels from all of those employees, so it has this sort of ripple effect that moves out through the rest of your organization. To find the best people for the job, look for these qualities:

Organizational Skills
A disorganized manager means that no one ever really knows what is happening.…


Public Relations Disasters to Avoid in Small Business

Small businesses often underestimate the power of public relations. In fact, most small business owners do not see the point in investing in a public relations team. Since small companies operate on tight budgets, investing in a public relations department and resources is regarded as an unnecessary burden. Overlooking the potential of public relations, however, can turn out to be a costly mistake for small businesses.

Increased competition has made it imperative for small businesses to focus on highlighting their strengths and achieve competitive advantage.…

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The Business Of Structural Design

In a modern and fast paced environment, it is important to keep up with the demands of a growing city’s infrastructure. Civil engineering is a discipline in the engineering field that focuses on the design, maintenance, and construction principles of physical environments. Engineers who work in this field will be expected to work with things like roads, canals, dams, bridges, and general buildings. It is one of the oldest discipline of constructive engineering, and plays a vital role in the structure of an organized city.…

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Defending Your Small Business Against Cyber Attack

A small business is more vulnerable to all kinds of perils than larger businesses. Now with more transactions taking place online, small businesses have to make themselves available for consumers who prefer the convenience of the Internet. However, this means that smaller businesses may be vulnerable to cyber attacks. Fortunately, there are several steps small businesses can take in order to protect themselves from the many different types of cyber attacks that can occur every day.

Anti-Virus Software
Anti-virus software often presents the first line of defense in protecting a small business against cyber attacks.…

The law

Employment Law: What to Know

Any business, whether large of small, must comply with employment law. Employment law establishes the relationship between employee, employer, the government, and trade unions. Also called labor law, it includes the application of contract and tort doctrines, individual employment contracts, and a variety of statutory regulations. The advent of the industrial revolution led to the adoption of employment law, as workers sought better working conditions and rights, while employers sought a less costly, more predictable workforce.

England was the first country to industrialize and face the consequences of capitalist exploitation in an unregulated economic framework.…

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Plunging Into Cloud Could be Your Biggest Mistake

The emergence of cloud as the pioneer in technology has been the talking point of many discussions and conventions over the years. It has set the benchmarks that won’t be scaled anytime soon. The services and features on offer make it imperative for the firms to have the cloud model or face the chin music.

Other than the obvious technical edge it provides, what makes the cloud model standout is its eco-friendliness and ability to reduce the carbon footprint of the firm.…

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Is it Possible to be a Parent and an Entrepreneur?

Those individuals who start their own businesses often do so with an expectation that they will end up working long hours. There’s a realisation that being successful within a business environment will mean dealing with numerous challenges.
The time that will be spent working will almost inevitably mean missing out on some family occasions. For those who believe that nothing can be more important than spending time with children, this can feel like a really negative element to be associated with entrepreneurship.…


Gamification: A Rising Trend in Business Solutions

Gamification is a popular word that has been used in the last couple of years; however, the word and its meaning has been used for years by credit card companies and such famous websites as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The word gamification basically means when companies integrate game mechanics into their non-gaming product or service to engage and pursue users.

Two Types of Gamification
According to Karl Kapp, author of the book The Gamification of Learning and Instruction: Game-based Methods and Strategies for Training and Education, there are two types of gamification: Structural Gamification and Content Gamification.…

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5 Things to Consider When Naming Your New Business

Depending on how your brain works, the name of your new business is likely to come to you very early in the research process, or not until the end. Most people would suggest coming up with the name last — but, as long as you’re flexible and don’t make any commitments until the business is ready to launch, you’ll be fine either way. Here are five things to consider when naming your new business:

Do your research
If you’re starting a new business, you’re bound to be knee-deep in market research.…

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You Want to Start a Business, but in What Industry? Part 1

That’s probably the first question any entrepreneur ever asks before even thinking of an idea for a startup business. That’s okay, though. It’s strategic. Typically, you’re going to want to consider the industry.
No matter how well you play your cards right — everything from the location, to regulatory compliance, licensure, certifications, hiring, taxes and paperwork, and maybe you’re just plain that good at being a businessman — it ultimately doesn’t matter and your business will fail if the industry isn’t profitable.…

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