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The Business Of Structural Design

In a modern and fast paced environment, it is important to keep up with the demands of a growing city’s infrastructure. Civil engineering is a discipline in the engineering field that focuses on the design, maintenance, and construction principles of physical environments. Engineers who work in this field will be expected to work with things like roads, canals, dams, bridges, and general buildings. It is one of the oldest discipline of constructive engineering, and plays a vital role in the structure of an organized city.…

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You Want to Start a Business, but in What Industry? Part 1

That’s probably the first question any entrepreneur ever asks before even thinking of an idea for a startup business. That’s okay, though. It’s strategic. Typically, you’re going to want to consider the industry.
No matter how well you play your cards right — everything from the location, to regulatory compliance, licensure, certifications, hiring, taxes and paperwork, and maybe you’re just plain that good at being a businessman — it ultimately doesn’t matter and your business will fail if the industry isn’t profitable.…

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Turn Your Sporting Hobby Into a Business

Being the sporting maniac that I am, I could not pass this opportunity to talk to you about some interesting business ideas that are sure to put some sweet tender there, where it is most needed. Depending on your personal skills and motivation, you can build a whole sporting empire; all you need is to arm yourself with some tenacity and patience.

Dancing Instructor
If you love to dance and have a passion about it, consider opening your own dancing studio.…

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Offbeat Enterprises Showing The World How to Expand a Business

In recent times, getting ahead in business has been a challenge for every firm from the largest multinational to the smallest hyper-local company run out of a spare room. To try and ensure they get a head start, many newcomers to the business world are trying to sell innovative and niche products and services, and it is firms like those who are among the most likely to succeed.
In the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies in the US, there were a number of quirky businesses which featured in the list.…

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Three Simple Business Ideas for People Who Want to Work from the Computer

Running a business is something that was once out-of-the-question for the vast majority of us. In order to start a company and begin turning a profit, you would need to have a lot of specialist knowledge, not to mention a brilliant idea, a hefty amount of capital and a team of staff that were willing to put their faith in you.

Today though that’s all changed, and it’s largely thanks to the ubiquity of the computer. Thanks to computers and the internet, we can now create things much more easily without having to invest money.…

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How Crazy Business Ideas Can Actually Make You Money

Ever had one of those ideas for a genius business venture, but it sounds too crazy to do? Well, you might be inspired by learning about other crazy ideas that have lead businesses to make good money. Most of these people never said, “I want to create Twitter when I grow up,” but part of being a successful entrepreneur is the ability to see money where other people see nonsense. Here are some ways that small businesses have made money off of quirky ideas.…

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The Most Challenging Small Businesses to Start (Yet People are Still Starting Them!)

Have you ever wondered why entrepreneurs keep on starting similar small businesses, even though the chances for success is slim? That’s right – the answer would be passion and potential. Entrepreneurs are “betting” their future on their small business, working hard to get theirs afloat. Some make it, some don’t. This is shown in stats, as follow…

40 percent of small businesses are profitable, 30 percent are breaking-even and 30 percent are losing money. Let’s just say that you chance for building a thriving small business is just 40 percent.…


Play Soccer, Generate Energy: Why SOCCKET is a Social Entrepreneurial Project to Watch

Are you looking for the next big thing that can offer people a way to enjoy their passion while changing their life? Are you looking for a revolutionary social-conscious startup to invest in? SOCCKET might be the answer for you.

Kickstarter remains one of my main sources for ideas and inspirations. There are simple, yet innovative ideas that are potentially life-hacking; or simply quirky products worth talking about (like this one.) This time, my attention was grabbed by a much-buzzed crowdfunding project – SOCCKET.…

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Top 20 Online Business Ideas for 2013: Classic and Proven

Setting up an online business is an attractive option most people like to explore. The ease of setting it up and running it make it a lucrative option for budding entrepreneurs. However, the key to succeed with internet business ideas is focusing on a niche and keeping it simple; and yes, it doesn’t have to be cutting edge… just learn from successful online businesses and turn the concept into your very own.

If you like classic, yet proven web business ideas, here are 20 of them to inspire you:

cat cafe business

Cat Cafe: Happy Cats, Happy Customers, and Happy Owner!

Do you love cats? What do you think about a unique business idea that can allows you to run a one-of-a-kind cafe while providing a home for cats and a place for pet lovers to mingle with them? Sounds cool? Check out what startup Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium has got to offer…

Who doesn’t love cats? I mean, although you don’t like to have a cat as a pet, at least you’d enjoy watching funny cat videos, viewing kitten images and so on.…

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