Mompreneur and her daughter

Is it Possible to be a Parent and an Entrepreneur?

Those individuals who start their own businesses often do so with an expectation that they will end up working long hours. There’s a realisation that being successful within a business environment will mean dealing with numerous challenges.
The time that will be spent working will almost inevitably mean missing out on some family occasions. For those who believe that nothing can be more important than spending time with children, this can feel like a really negative element to be associated with entrepreneurship.…

Bad entrepreneur behavour

The Bad Behavior of Entrepreneurs

The entrepreneurial spirit is an indelible part of the fabric of capitalism. Come on: Henry Ford? Steve Jobs? What is it about these giants who become tycoons that gave them the ability to turn an idea into a global phenomenon? It’s a question that sits and burns in the back of the mind of everyone with a great idea, and everyone who wants to be their own boss. It has to start with a harsh truth, though – entrepreneurship is not for everyone.…

ethical hacking certifications

Become an Ethical Hacker with Ethical Hacking Certifications

What is ethical hacking certification?
The objective of ethical hacking certification from Selftest Training is to help people ace a moral hacking strategy that could be utilized within an infiltration testing or moral hacking circumstance. You go out the entryway with hacking abilities that are sought after, and also the globally distinguished Certified Ethical Hacker v8 certificate!

Topics for the exam:

Themes Covered in this course are as follows:
Prologue to Ethical Hacking
Foot printing and Reconnaissance
Checking Networks
Framework Hacking
Trojans and Backdoors
Infections and Worms
Social Engineering
Dissent of Service
Session Hijacking
Hacking Web servers
Hacking Web Applications
SQL Injection
Hacking Wireless Networks
Hacking Mobile Platforms
Sidestepping IDS, Firewalls and Honey pots
Support Overflows
Entrance Testing

Who will get benefit from this certification?…

business leader

The Characteristics of a Good Leader

Every good leader has a series of characteristics that are great for business and even better for their employees. Looking through each item, it’s easy to see which characteristics are already present in us, and which ones that should be worked on and cultivated.

Every leader must be honest with their employees, charges and themselves. The honest leader admits when they are wrong, helps people by being honest about how things are going in the office and allows for people to be honest with them in return.…

good leader

Qualities of a Good Boss

For any business to be successful, good management is vital. Some managers have seen small businesses become giant enterprises in the respective industries while others have terribly failed. Good managers possess some unique qualities, which makes them successful in handling organization resources. Effective workforce management calls for a leader who has the capacity to marshal their efforts toward the organizational goal. Depending on the leaders’ strategy to meet the organization’s goal effectively, there are good and bad bosses. This article analyses some qualities of a good boss.…


How Being a Little Paranoid Can Keep Your Business Resilient and Future Proof

A large part of success in business is about being able to think ahead and anticipate what’s around the corner. The companies that are best able to think ahead are the ones that will spot opportunities before other people and be able to capitalise on them, and they’re the people who will stay one step ahead in terms of their tools and their methodologies.

But perhaps the most important way that a business should think ahead, is by thinking about potential disasters and pitfalls so that they can avoid being caught out by any unwanted surprises.…

work from home productivity

How to Improve Your Concentration when Working from Home

I remember when I first started working from home, and loved the idea of freedom and flexibility. I still do love those perks, but I’ve learned a lot since my first day. What I soon discovered, is that without discipline, it can be more of a detriment than a perk.
As a writer, it’s hard to have complete concentration all day, every day. This is especially true when creativity is important, which is most of the time as a writer, marketer, or even a web designer.…

influencing decision maker

How to Influence Decision Makers

Managing up is a leadership tactic that employees are using in today’s workplace as a means of influencing the top decision makers within the company. Expert leadership consultant, Peter Drucker, dubbed this strategy, “The Art of Influencing Up,” in his highly acclaimed blog.  This strategy is one that employees at all levels can use to directly influence decision makers.

Self-Focused Employees
The discouraging fact is that numerous workers only maintain a downward management mentality. This downward focus will only permit the employee to retain the decision-making power they have already been granted over their subordinates.…

inbound marketers

What Qualities Do You Need to Make It in The Marketing Industry

If you are a creative person then you might want to consider getting into the marketing industry as a career option. It is a wide industry that has a lot of great career options to offer and you have a lot of opportunities to build a reputable career.
But what else does it take other than just creativity to make it in the marketing industry? Here are some of the key qualities you should possess and develop.

Passionate About Learning More
It is really important that you are passionate about the marketing industry in order to succeed in it.…

productive at work

Being Productive at Work: Five Top Tips to Follow

At work, there might come a point when you’re beginning to feel a little fatigued and unable to complete even the simplest task. While this might seem natural, it will almost certainly harm your productivity levels, thus making the coming days in the office a little harder as there’s more left to do than you may have previously anticipated.

To try and increase your productivity, it doesn’t require a series of radical changes. The following tips are actually quite easy to follow and could help to boost your output; possibly your future employment prospects too!…

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