renewable energy

Renewable Solutions to The Problem of High Energy Use

In some industries, high energy use is almost completely unavoidable. The need for a constant, unerring supply of electricity and gas is pressing, especially in sectors as intense as manufacturing, retail and catering. It might be because of the need to produce high volumes of goods or down to the machinery used, but using a large amount of energy is necessary for many businesses.

In this day and age when environmental concerns are as pressing as they have ever been, companies of all sizes and sectors have been making an effort to reduce energy use and operate in a ‘green’ way.…

startup success

5 Infographics Showing You the Roadmap to Startup Success

Infographics visualize data; but a series of infographics can tell you a story. In this blog post, I will share 5 infographics on startup which can help guiding you to start right and grow right in your pursuit for success.

Are you a startup material?
Okay, let’s start with an infographic from Here’s a question for you: Do you have what it takes to start a business? Your passion can help you start a business, but understanding what you are going to go through on daily basis can make a big difference.…

project management blogs

The Top 10 Project Management Blogs to Follow

Whether you’re a project manager or simply interested in the complex workings of this unique industry, staying up to date on the latest news can be something of a challenge. With so many great blogs on the subject, you might wonder where to begin. Follow these top ten project management blogs for a unique perspective on the management industry.

Deep Fried Brain Hosted by a self-proclaimed certified PMP and IT manager, this Singapore-based blogger uses fresh perspective in his unconventional management blog.…

starting a business checklist

Starting a Business: 5 Checklists You Might Have Missed

Are you ready to turn your ideas into real business? Well, hold your horses… first things first: You need to know how to start right. You need a plan; or better yet, you need a checklist and follow-the-dotted-line guide. While you are searching for resources, this blog post will enlighten you with 5 startup checklists you might have missed during your search.

Well, if you are doing business in the US I’m sure you know that the go-to site for startup advice is…

startup ideas

5 Go-to Sites for Unique Startup Ideas

I love business ideas – especially those which are changing life and/or lucrative. I might even interested in turning one or two into a startup! The big question is, where to look for great entrepreneurial ideas? This blog post will spotlight 5 sites you must visit for startup ideas. Check ‘em out!

1. Springwise
Springwise is my long-time favourite. The site receives help from Springspotters Network, a vibrant community with over 15,000 spotters worldwide, who tip and pitch Springwise with great, unique ideas they spot in where they live.…

survey results

20 Small Business Survey Results You Should Be Aware Of In 2013

I love stats, particularly survey results and research findings. Let’s just say I am a geek when it comes to stats. Not because I like number-crunching activities, but it’s because stats can give us a general idea on the trends; where things are heading and which things we should be aware of throughout the year – including biz opportunities emerging from the trends.

With regard to small business, there are some mix feelings toward it: Some are pessimistic – and the survey results show; some are optimistic – and, again, the survey results show.…

free entrepreneurship courses

Top 5 Free Entrepreneurship E-Courses on Udemy

I love freebies, especially when it comes to business learning resources. Well, are you looking for some recommendations on entrepreneurship? If so, here are 5 free entrepreneurship e-courses you can’t afford to miss!

Rather than taking a formal class (I’ve had enough!) I enjoy learning at my own pace. Online courses can offer me just that, and one of the go-to sites for me is Udemy.
Udemy has been a great learning resource for me. I personally haven’t purchased any courses, but I know what I should expect from them – the free courses I have taken so far are great learning resources!…

entrepreneurship infographics

5 Infographics that Can Help you Start a Business

A picture is worth a thousand words. If you want to quickly learn how to start a business, there’s no better learning tool than infographics. In this blog post I would like to guide you by hand to journey into the land of entrepreneurship using infographics as a way to help you start-up with the right mindset and expectations.

Anna Vital of Funders and Founders once said that infographics help you learn 50 times faster. I don’t know where she got that fact, but I have to agree with her: Infographics have helped me to learn about anything faster.…

entrepreneurship visual guide

The Ultimate Visual Guide to Entrepreneurship

How come I missed it!? It’s too much, really! Man, I just discovered the update from It’s about yet another cool Kickstarter project – this time in a topic I love so much: Entrepreneurship. You gotta check this project: Becoming an Entrepreneur – an upcoming visual guide by Funders and Founders.

Why visual guide rocks
You know what, I love infographics – for many reasons. I like (most of) their fancy design; I can learn faster about something; and so on.…

top manifestos

Hate Reading Business Books? Read These 5 ChangeThis Manifestos, Instead!

I personally don’t like to read. I have a short attention span, and a 100-page book will bore me regardless of the quality. Typically, 10-20 pages of e-book still grab my attention – of course, it must be engaging. That’s why I love to read good blogs. Posts containing short paragraphs, non or semi-formal language and highly opinionated ones are my favorite.

However, I do have some exceptions with regard to books, printed or digital – it’s called manifestos. There are some manifestos that I just can’t get enough, and my one and only go-to place for them is ChangeThis.…

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