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Defending Your Small Business Against Cyber Attack

A small business is more vulnerable to all kinds of perils than larger businesses. Now with more transactions taking place online, small businesses have to make themselves available for consumers who prefer the convenience of the Internet. However, this means that smaller businesses may be vulnerable to cyber attacks. Fortunately, there are several steps small businesses can take in order to protect themselves from the many different types of cyber attacks that can occur every day.

Anti-Virus Software
Anti-virus software often presents the first line of defense in protecting a small business against cyber attacks.…

DDoS attacks

DDoS Attacks: How to Protect Your Business

As malicious hackers get increasingly sophisticated, business owners are having to pay even closer attention to their cyber security strategy. If you own your own business, you should be thinking about how to protect against ever more frequent DDoS attacks and also considering plans for a cyber incident response. A DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack is one in which a hacker floods a website with bogus traffic from various sources, causing services on that website to stop working for genuine users or even bringing the website down completely.…

small business accounting

Accounting Tips for Small Businesses

When the topic turns to keeping accurate records, a small business benefits from modern technology. Business owners today no longer need to rely on handwritten ledgers and human errors. Accounting software helps the modern entrepreneur keep accurate records. Keeping meticulous logs of account payables and receivables means that the business owners can file taxes with 100 percent accuracy. Since the tax season is fast approaching, business entrepreneurs benefit from accounting software programs that make accurate accounting a quick and easy process.…

Inventory of books

How to Streamline Your Small Business Inventory Management

Using computers to bring efficiency to every part of the business used to be something that only large corporations did. Today, though, reviewing every process for efficiency is something even small businesses need to do to stay competitive. While the tools are easily available, many small businesses still casually ignore the need to fine-tune every process. It’s traditional for small businesses to not take inventory management too seriously, for instance. Many small businesses, though, can make significant savings when they employ modern inventory management practices.…

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Top Tips for the Fledgling Business Owner

If it’s your New Year’s resolution to finally get a business venture off the ground, you should be prepared for ceaseless hard work, seemingly endless sleepless nights, and the very real prospect of failure.

Of course, it’s not our intention to kick you before you’ve even started, but it’s prudent to be aware of the potential pitfalls, with statistics showing around one in three start-up businesses in the UK fail in their first three years of operation.
Typically, these failures are very rarely due to lack of effort on behalf of the business owner, but rather crumbling under the pressure of attempting to cope with the day-to-day stresses of running a profitable company.…

business planning

Ways to Make Your Business Run Smoother

As the New Year signals a time for change, those looking to improve their business in 2014 may be currently looking to ways to make their company run smoother and more streamline in order to maximise results and return. This can be achieved in a number of ways, and those making changes and becoming more streamline will instantly see improvements in productivity and even profits for the business.

Business owners looking to make change should focus on the various areas of their company, including structure, management, and employees and see what changes can be made so that it runs smoother and more efficiently in 2014.…

employee wellness program

How Healthy Employees Boost Productivity

Businesses that invest in employee health programs save money by increasing productivity and decreasing absenteeism and health claims among their workers. By putting in place employee health and wellness programs and incentives, employers can reduce the number of annual preventable injuries and illnesses. These health initiatives may be used as entirely preventative measures or as an incentive and reward system for set time periods of accident and negligent–free productivity. Whether preventative or incentive, these tested health programs tend to advance the employer’s rate of production by directly improving worker morale.…

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Building a Sustainable Business In 2014

Businesses around the world are beginning to clearly recognize the fact that in order to survive in the future; it is important to make use of emerging green technologies. There are many reasons the preceding reason is true. Some reasons are relative to global climate change, other reasons involve health of the community at the local level and the prosperity of future generations. Modern business can no longer ignore the fact that green technology is necessary in order to function, successfully, in today’s global market.…

employee promotion

An SME’s Guide to Employee Promotion

The development and the progress of your employees isn’t something that happens by chance – more often than not it’s the result of careful analysis and planning on their manager’s part. Promoting your best team members will not only retain excellence and loyalty within your company, but it can also create further opportunities for promotion lower down the scale, and open the door for new talent through external recruitment.

Analyse Performance
“Many executives and managers have trouble explaining why someone didn’t get promoted because they haven’t been doing performance evaluations,” says Charlie Gilkey of Productive Flourishing.…

b2b lead generation

How to Lists Better B2B Sales Lead Generation?

For any business organization, the most important requirement is to generate a steady stream of qualified leads or prospects. Making sure that authentic leads flow continuously into the organization is a crucial aspect of your business strategy. In this regard, B2B client list and B2B sales leads are very effective and necessary as well. They provide the better chances to obtain leads and improve sales.

Although you can do it yourself, but acquiring client list on your own may take months or years.…

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