Create a Successful Crowdfunding Project by Avoiding These Video Mistakes

Video is an integral part of any crowdfunding campaign. In fact, according to Kickstarter, campaigns with videos have a 50 percent success rate, and the success rate of campaigns without videos is only 30 percent. Regardless of what someone is seeking funding for, video can make or break the project. Here are some of the most detrimental mistakes anyone can make when producing a crowdfunding video and some tips on avoiding them.

crowdfunding video production

Lack of Planning

Too many people make the mistake of simply turning on the camera and making a spur of the moment video without putting any thought into it. These videos are too boring to attract interest and shows that they are not serious about acquiring funding.
Creativity is important to make crowdfunding videos stand out from the rest of the pack, but they should all share the same following structure:

  • First part of the video should be about you.
  • You should then tell the story of your project and its importance.
  • Go over the rewards you have created.
  • Offer possible scenarios.
  • Finalize the video with a call to action.

This is a proven structure that has worked time and time again.

Afraid to Make Videos

Not everyone is a video person. Many people are introverts and prefer not putting their face on camera. This is fine, but if anyone wants funding, then video is a requirement for achieving it. Every smart phone has decent video capabilities, so there are no excuses for anyone not taking the time to produce a compelling video. Videos do not need to be a Hollywood masterpiece, but there are numerous online resources, such as Hand Held Hollywood, that offer excellent video production tips as well as recommendations for helpful apps.

Lack of Video Updates

It is critical to add update videos throughout the crowdfunding campaign. Simple video log updates help garner more support and keep the momentum in a person’s favor. They also give them the opportunity to highlight important information that may have been left out from previous videos. Update videos are especially important towards the end of a campaign, because they help rally the last-minute support that’s critical in achieving a person’s goals.

Rambling on About Rewards

Rewards are important, but far too many people go on and on about every single reward level they are including. A person may have spent valuable time creating a million great rewards, but only the best ones should be featured in their video. Only a handful of the most creative and popular rewards should be mentioned, and after mentioning them, people should let them know there are more terrific rewards available or on the way. Lastly, show excitement!

No Call to Action

Every successful marketer utilizes a compelling call to action at the end of their videos or sales letters. Crowdfunding seekers should take note and do the same. Many crowdfunding videos simply end by thanking people for checking out their video. This simply doesn’t work. People must be told what they are supposed to do. Ask them to share the video with their friends and followers. Then they will watch the video and share it with their friends and followers, creating a viral effect. However, they will not know to do this unless they are told.

About the Author: After investing some of his time on different Crowdfunding platforms, Chris Derickson enjoys blogging about different crowdfunding techniques, kickstarter video and how to get more exposure on the internet.