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5 Ways to Boost Your Business Blog’s Traffic and Income in 2013

We are approaching the New Year and the best way to start 2013 is by having a New Year resolution. If you are running business blogs and want to start 2013 strong, this blog post can suggest you a New Year resolution for your business blog.

As a business blog owner, my daily “battle” consists of three things: How to provide quality tips and advice for readers, how to increase traffic while reducing dependency to Google and how to increase income without sacrificing user experience.…

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How Challenging the Status Quo Works: INO’s Fruit Coffee, Anyone?

Okay, let’s just say that I am a crowdfunding junkie. I just love how people come up with their ideas and have the passion to get their ideas to be turned into reality. I just can’t get enough of the ideas. One of the newly discovered ideas, this time from Kickstarter, is INO – Coffee With a Twist: Fruit coffee beverage. Revolutionary. Innovative. Unique. My favourite.

But wait… I can understand orange juice or latte, but fruit coffee? Yes, you read it right – UK-based INO World Ltd.…

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Top Small Business Blogs to Read in 2013

If you are looking for some of the best hand-picked small business blogs to read and inspire you in 2013, you’ve stumbled upon the right place! This blog post will share a part of my business blog reading list. You can add your favourite small business blog to the list – or share the list to your readers, too, if you want…

You see, I love business blogging. While many bloggers enjoy posting fail videos, rants and weird stuffs, I – and also many others – love sharing to our readers who are looking for tips and ideas on how to start a business or manage their business better.…

Merry Christmas 2012

What a Merry Christmas Means to Me

Christmas has always been special to me for many reasons. One reason is due to the obvious fact that I am a Christian and I love and loved by Jesus. Another reason is the fact that I spend every Christmas and New Year looking back what I personally and professionally have been through throughout the year, as well as planning for new goals and targets to fight for past the New Year.

Yes, my family and I are not the shopping-spree-kinda-family.…


How to inspire others even if you are nobody

You don’t have to be Tony Robbins or any other famous motivators to inspire others! Just share your success and let your words speak by themselves.

Well, you know what, I never really want to be a famous person. To me, success is not measured by fame or money. It’s better for me to establish a business and let it have all the glory and honor. Me? I just want to keep myself away. I don’t like the limelight; I just want to do my thing and do what matter most to me.…

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How Being Quirky can Get Your Tech Startup Funding: Learn from Shota Ishiwatari

I love to visit crowdfunding site Kickstarter… for many reasons. To name a few, I like to know what inventors, artists and entrepreneurs are up to these days; knowing what interest people to back a particular project; getting some ideas for me to predict trends and try to use them to kickstart a mini project myself in the world I am familiar with – websites and web tools.

On Kickstarter, I usually hang around visiting technology projects, simply because I have keen interest in everything-tech.…

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10 Quality Fiverr Gigs that can Help you and your Small Business Grow

Bootstrappers: This blog post might be the one you want to read entering 2013. Why? Because I will share my Top 10 list of Fiverr gigs you can make use of to help you grow your business – on a budget!

Have you heard about Fiverr? If you haven’t, it is a rapidly growing site in which users can offer their services for $5 (hence the name…) Today, some of the sellers offer “top-ups” that add value to their $5 service, but the core service is still $5 per gig.…

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10 Easy-to-Do Social Media Tips for Small Business

Social media presence is very necessary for any business today. Even if you are a small business social media does not become any less relevant for you.

The best thing about using social media for small business is that so many tools and platforms are free and that is something you can capitalize on… and there are always new tools and platforms launched – so, more options for you!
Getting a Facebook page or organizing a Tweetmob on Twitter doesn’t cost anything.…

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10 Small Business Funding Ideas that Work

The thing about starting and running a business whether big or small is that, more often than not, you will need to look for finance to help you turn your ideas into reality. Here are some funding options you can consider…

1. Family and Friends
Classic and a bit cliche; however, I recommend tapping these sources first as they might be more willing to listen to and invest in your ideas and ventures. We are not suggesting you to borrow from them because you can take repaying lightly but you could request for a lower rate of interest.…

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Big Brands adopt PSY’s Gangnam Style to Gain Social Media Buzz

Despite the latest issue faced by now-world-famous South Korean rapper PSY, we can’t deny the fact that his mega hit song “Gangnam Style” has taken over the world, one YouTube video view at a time (the song now has more than 900 MILLION views on YoutTube, by the way…) – and that includes the business world.

The Korean Wave
The economic impact of the song is also enjoyed by Korean brands, as people are becoming more aware of South Korean culture – and products.…

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