Innovative Ways Businesses Can Help Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

Protecting the environment is a job that everyone should take seriously. While many individuals aim to be responsible citizens of the planet and recycle and reuse items, businesses can make an even greater impact if they change their practices to ones that are eco-friendlier. Here are some easy and cost-effective ways your business can be greener and promote a healthier planet.

Go paperless via digitalization

Purchase Equipment Secondhand

First, take stock of your upcoming equipment purchases and do something that will save you money and help the planet. Instead of going for brand new upgraded machinery or other equipment, choose to buy items secondhand. Businesses can purchase used equipment at a fraction of the price of new. The process of manufacturing brand new equipment strains resources and requires new materials. With used equipment, your company can help avoid that drain and reduce its carbon footprint.

Allow Employees To Telework

Another way your business can help make the planet a little greener is by expanding its telework policy. More companies are opting for telecommuting schedules for their employees instead of requiring them to be on-site. If your business model can function well with teleworking staff, it’s a smart choice to make that happen. Employee morale may increase if you give your staff the flexibility of teleworking. It can also help reduce the carbon emissions required for multiple staff members to commute to your place of business.

Go Paperless

Next, stop storing stacks of paper files and documents in your space and switch to a completely paperless business model. Going digital will help you get back that floor space and allow your company to use it for something more productive. Switching to all digital files will also reduce the amount of paper your business uses and will help you avoid the resource drain. Having all of your documentation digitized is also much more efficient and organized.

Recycle Old Electronics

When it’s time to upgrade your business’ computers, tablets, or smartphones, do something responsible with the old devices and consider recycling them with a company like ecoATM. Not only do you get instant cash for the old devices, but your company also helps limit the amount of electronic waste going to landfills if you choose to recycle. If companies band together and consistently recycle electronic waste and take advantage of ecoATM company, toxins from the waste that seeps into the land could be reduced.

LED lighting

Use LED Lights

Lighting in the office can also be adjusted to be more planet-friendly. Any old incandescent lights should be swapped out with newer, more efficient LED lights. LED lights are a better solution if you want lighting that lasts longer and costs you less money on your utility bill. Switching to LEDs may help your business save a little more money.

Buy Energy-Efficient Appliances

If your office has a kitchen or another common room, take a look at your appliances, such as your refrigerator, oven, range, microwave, and dishwasher. Many offices have older appliances that may also be energy vampires and using up more electricity than they should. It may be smarter to upgrade your appliances to energy-efficient models. This could help lower your electricity bill and reduce your carbon footprint.

Switch to Videoconferences

The last way your company can be a greener business is to take a closer look at your business trip practices. Start eliminating all meetings that aren’t completely necessary to avoid excessive plane emissions from business travel. Today, it’s possible to meet virtually via videoconferencing tools and save money and the planet’s resources from travel to and from each place.

Your company has a responsibility to have greener business practices. If your business isn’t a model in the quest for a greener planet, it’s time to change the way you do things. These easy adjustments can help you take action and promote earth-friendliness in the business community.